iPhone iPlunge Stand

Even though the screen on the iPhone is not the ideal size one would want when watching a movie, a lot of people use it exactly for that purpose. Ideally, since it is a handheld device, you can hold the iPhone while you are watching the movie. But there is also the option of propping it against something, like a book, so you can watch it in front of you.


The creators of this iPhone accessory thought it would come in handy to have a portable prop-up stand. Going by the official name of “iPlunge phone stand”, this accessory is made so that you can watch movies on your iPhone hands-free.

The concept of this product is pretty simple; it’s basically a mini toilet plunger, which is where it got its name from. It’s not very charming or attractive, and the colors of the plunger make it stick out horribly against the phone itself. Let’s face it, it’s probably not the first thing on anyone’s list when it comes to attraction.

It does fulfill its purpose, though. It’s easy to use: simply take it out of your pocket, and stick your phone onto it, then place it down onto the surface where you wish to watch your movie. Plus, the idea of carrying around a mini toilet plunger is humorous enough for it to have a chance to make sales.

If you are one of those people who feel the need to watch their movies on their iPhone without holding it, this iPlunge is ideal for you- especially if you are the type of person who doesn’t stay in the same place because the size of this accessory makes it easily portable.

It is available for only $5.99.

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