The Revoltech Alien Figures

I remember when the first time the Alien movie came out, everyone was grossed out seeing those ugly horrifying creatures. We have had seen aliens before but the way they were shown in the Aliens franchise was truly mind-blowing. There couldn’t have been a better depiction of aliens in general.

What I want to tell you right now is that the fright and the excitement has once again ignited as soon as I saw these Revoltech Alien figures. Believe it or not, they are exactly the same as they were in the movies and for once you will actually feel like the Aliens are actually standing in front of you. But, hey don’t be worried they are just figures and nothing else!

If you have wished to have an Alien figure then this is your chance to get the best of it. Honestly, I have seen numerous Alien figures before but I haven’t seen anything like this. They resemble the movie Aliens so well that for once you will actually feel as if they are alive and about to eat you up. So, if you are someone who is afraid of the dark then these figures aren’t for you. We don’t want you to have a stroke!

The figures come in clear plastic and are limited edited versions so all fans of aliens should grab them as soon as possible before they are sold out. The figure was spotted at the Tokatsu Revoltech and was available before in the Revoltech Caravan event for 2,850 yen. You might want to check out the website in order to get the latest updates on these figures. Right now, each of the figures is available at a list price of $40 which is actually quite reasonable.

The way they are made with clear plastic and some black spots makes them look so real. I am extremely amused with the craft and right now would like to grab one.

For Alien fans I suppose this is the best opportunity to grab one. And, don’t worry Predators wont be there to hunt down your Alien figure!

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Via: Tomopop