Gadgets Cthulu Plush Cellphone Holder Is Cute as Ultimate Evil

Cthulu Plush Cellphone Holder Is Cute as Ultimate Evil

This Cthulu cellphone pouch will keep your phone from all sorts of dangers, including spilled soda, blood, and lesser monsters.  Who knew that ultimate horror and evil could be so darned cute?

This pouch fits most cellphones and provides you with an additional layer of geekiness.  Cthulu, originally conceptualized by horror writer HP Lovecraft, first appeared in a short story called “The Call of Cthulu” which seems so strangely appropriate that it makes it hard to resist.

Cthulu will guard your phone, and maybe even screen your calls for you.  Unless, of course, it’s one of your buddies from the Cult of Cthulu.  The folks over at Entertainment Earth have outdone themselves once again with this plush pocket.  Don’t be frightened, though, this little monster only seems to be interested in eating electronic devices, instead of fingers, hands, and household pets.

The product, which is slated to be released this month (October of 2010), will set you back a modest $14.99 – which, I guess, also means that this little guy may eat a little bit of money, too.  At least it’s only a modest amount.  The pocket measures 6 inches x 3 inches x 1.5 inches.


There are a variety of other Cthulu inspired products out there, and if you’re a true horror fan, Cthulu are a must.  Among the other bits and pieces that are out there for your purchasing pleasure are Neil Gaiman’s Cthulu Mythos ukulele,  you might also be interested in these plush horror movie dolls that are as cute and cuddly as they are creepy.

All in all, this Cthulu cellphone pouch is something that you use to bond with fellow Cthulu Cultists or, something that you can use to scare off all manner of private detectives, naysayers, and anyone else that might mess with your phone.  For bonus points, you can look into getting a Cthulu ring for your phone.

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