The Enhanced Rockwell Collins Cabin System

If you’re into comfortable travel, or you’ve racked up a few frequent flyer miles, and you understand what it means to travel in style, then you probably know how important it is for airplane passengers to be comfortable during the flight. Or maybe you’re just sick of the lack of comfort in your seats while you’re flying for 12 hours, and your legs are cramping, and your neighbor is snoring while you’re trying to watch the in flight movie.

In either case, comfort during flight is necessary. It is also an important feature of designs for new airplane cabins since a Teague Designer, Patrick Moran, came up with the Rockwell Collins system, which integrates a console to the plane for each passenger.


The system looks similar to a really thick version of the iPad, mounted by a brace to any kind of cabin. It’s really stylish, and will work for quite a good number of cabins. The console comes with a multimedia player remote, which helps you enjoy your movies or music without having to turn back to the main console.


Of course, we’ve all seen flying in style, but while most of them are comfortable conveniences, such as this electronic charger headphone jack, this might be a design that takes comfort over the top.


The console comes in touchscreen and features a bunch of different options, like basic multimedia video/audio player, XM Radio, and Web TV. The console also keeps track of other things such as the distance from your destination. Overall, it looks like a really cool design, and would definitely improve flyer experience.


The remote also seems to detach and function independently, though the details on this aren’t absolutely clear. Overall though, the design of the console and set up are pretty cool, and will probably ease your eardrums from the sound of snoring neighbours.


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