Harry Potter Infrared Wand Assortment Case

Everyone loves Harry Potter and his crew, but are you crazy enough to be Harry Potter? Maybe not you, but your kids would be for sure. And yes, some would be even crazy enough to be Lord Voldemort, after all he is famous too. So this Halloween you have something special for them! Yup, the Harry Potter Infrared Wand Assortment Case!

This time they won’t have just mere sticks and make them look like wands. They will have something better. All these wands are imported from Japan, and they are actually capable of interacting with each other through the infrared beams and sounds that are taken from the movie itself. So, your kids would actually feel like they are having an epic Harry Potter battle for real. You get 12 wands in the case with 6 being of Harry Potter, 2 of Hermione Granger, 2 of Lord Voldemort, and 2 of Ron Weasley. You can, of course, change the package, and get the wands of our own choice. After all, all of them cost the same. The whole package would cost you around $219.99.

Are they worth it?

They sure are. Most of such wands that you see are not really that well-designed but these ones are. They actually look like some magical wands and once you have them in your hands, you would feel as if you are holding a real wand. Moreover, the movie sounds in all the wands make them more fun to keep. Lastly, the infrared beams make them look more real. Imagine you have these wands, and they are actually interacting with each other. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Of course, it would! If your kids are fans of Harry Potter they would surely love it. On the other hand, they are also good enough for you. You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy being Harry Potter. After all, fun is not limited to age, or is it? You can have them all as memorabilia to the most successful movie franchise of all time. Show these to your grandchildren and tell them stories about it perhaps.

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