Warm and Cozy Lampshade Design– Refreshing your Light Experience

We all love to have light in our lives, and by that I mean in terms of sunshine, lamps and so forth. We also love to decorate our houses with different and unique designs of furniture and décor that fits with the style of the architecture of the house. Here is a product that will go with all styles of design and will be loved by everyone.

The design of this lamp by CreativeAffairs is so unique that you will get a feeling of comfort as soon as you take a look at it. This lamp is called the ‘warm’ lamp, which I feel has been named very appropriately, as you can see for yourself in the pictures. The objective of this unique design of the lamp was to establish a close emotional relationship between the object and its user through and inviting experience, which is achieved through the communicative features that the materials of the lamp have which are both visual and physical features.

The lampshade of this lamp is made of something that looks like woolen thread and contains a small percentage of thin copper wire which enables the thread to withstand the temperature of the heat produced by the light bulb. This thread like feature is placed on top of a metal bowl that has the place to insert a light bulb, so that the lamp can be used.

Another great feature of this warm lamp is that it has a capacitive sensor that allows the user to turn off the lights by touching the lampshade and not having to press a button to turn it on or off.

Using this lamp will be perfect during the winter times, as it will give you a cozy feeling wherever the lamp is lit, be it your living room, near your bed, or anywhere in the house. It will go with any interior designs of your room as there are a variety of colors available for you to choose from, that can be changed after a period of time. This design is all about giving you a new approach to use light in your life so go ahead and think about investing your money into this lamp to bring (positive) light into your life!

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