iTrail GPS tracking device

We have all gone out with our family members shopping or other places where we all want to see and take a look at other things. It’s all fine until the time comes when you have to meet each other to go back home together, you start freaking out because you cannot find a family member or cannot get in touch with them for whatsoever reason.

Well, here is a product that will help you solve the problem mentioned above for you in a couple of seconds! The product called the iTrail GPS tracking device, works just like any other GPS tracking device but with a twist to it. Instead of showing you directions to your final directions, the iTrail GPS tracking device will help you find where your friend or a family member is. Now, isn’t that great? Well, it’s all possible only because of our friends who are trying to help us by making gadgets that make our lives better!

How does this iTrail GPS tracking device work?

All you have to is place this tracking device in the person’s bag or some accessory they are carrying- be it your friend, wife, mother, or who ever, and the GPS tracking device will record the person carrying the tracking device with them, location, speed, and time.

Then you have to plug the unit of the tracking device into the USB slot of your computer, and then download the recorded information available through the GPS tracking device in detail.

It could not get any better than this, because when you download the details of the location of the person you also have an option to view the location of the person on Google maps or Google earth to actually get a picture of where the person you are looking for is exactly!

This tracking device can hold up to 120 hours data and comes with a USB cable, a rechargeable battery, and a mini installation CD, and you can get to access this cool gadget for only $189.98

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