Beatles Fans – Rock Out in the Shower With a Little Help From Your Friends

If you’re a fan of The Beatles, you probably have all the records, dozens of posters, maybe a biography of the band and definitely a copy of The Beatles: Rock Band.  But the true fan expands his passion to the farthest reaches of his apartment – including the bathroom!

Though the many forms of geekiness have been widely celebrated in this decade, one of the most old-school specimens has been all but ignored lately – the music nerd.  I’m not talking about hipster indie-rocker faux nerds, but rather the fans of 1960’s rock music; the kind of nerds who prefer vinyl because it just sounds warmer. This bathroom set will definitely appeal to that particular breed.
Beatles Bathroom 1
This bathroom set includes a shower curtain which is a patchwork quilt-like article with various pieces of fabric printed with album cover art and various inspired designs. Depending on your tastes, it might be a bit on the kitschy side, but on the other hand, I feel like that’s what The Beatles were all about!

Beatles Bathroom 2

The two bath towels in the set look sleek indeed; they’re solid black, with a stripe of The Beatles  fabric – black with rainbow print – as an edge decoration. These towels would look great in any bathroom, even just on their own.

Beatles Bathroom 3

The set also comes with two hand towels and two wash cloths, though I could never tell the difference between them – is the wash cloth the small one? My face towel is the same size as my hand towel, so I never could figure it out. The design on the larger cloths is similar to the bath towels’ design, except that the towels are white and use Yellow Submarine themed fabric as an accent. I’m not a fan of the smallest towels simply because there’s so little fabric involved that I’m skeptical about their absorbency.

Beatles Bathroom 4

Now, this set is handmade, so naturally the price is going to be a bit steep – at $195.00, it’s a bit “ouch”. I thought all you needed was love! Then again, lovin’ gives you a thrill, but lovin’ don’t pay your bills. At any rate, no price is too high for the true Beatles fan, and this really is a unique product you likely won’t find elsewhere.

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