Iron Man Pinball Machine Brings Gaming Firepower

Despite years of evolution in gaming and the death of most traditional arcades as a venue (with a few notable exceptions like Dave and Buster’s or the giant arcade in Disney World), pinball machines still hold some sway over us gamers. I mean having your very own pinball machine should be considered the staple of any gamer with a house (I wouldn’t even want to deal with the mess of moving this thing around apartments). If you’re in the market for such a device, this Iron Man pinball machine should be at the top of the list.

The company that manufactures the game, Stern, makes a variety of pinball machines. Each can be purchased as a home collectors version, or the one that you see in your local arcade (see my previous note). The premise of the game is very similar to the movies, with the goal of fighting whip lash and Iron Monger, who rises out from the board to come and stomp your balls. That’s right, I said it. Although I noticed that the guy in the video said that Iron Man would be fighting against War Machine… that doesn’t sound right, does it?

Of course, being the genuine article doesn’t come cheap. As you might expect, a full fledged pinball machine is gonna cost at least a few grand, and the Iron Man pinball machine clocks in at $3,799. It isn’t available just yet, but it’s available for pre order and will ship on Nov 1. If you’re looking for some additional pinball goodness, pick your poison. You can go with another box office smasher like this Avatar pinball machine. If you want something a little more practical, then you can rest your mug on the LED pinball coffee table. Both would be perfect accessories to any local man’s cave (or woman’s cave, to be fair).

Via: Technabob