Honda Air – The New Generation’s Futuristic Lightweight Car

We all love cars, speed, thrill and change in our lives, don’t we? Our creativity and imagination are constantly being enhanced as a result of the futuristic ideas and displays shown on TV shows and movies among others.

If you have heard or seen the speed racer and liked it, here is a product that you will love. Well, even if you haven’t seen speed racer, after looking at this product, you will be restless until you have seen that movie! The depiction and display of the cars and its features in the movie were outstanding, and gave a lot of people hopes and aspirations to own such a futuristic car some day. Well, the time has come. Honda Air has made such a car with a futuristic design and features that will literally blow your mind.

The car design named Honda Air will give you a look into the future with its lightweight and alternative fuel performance vehicle which is aptly suitable for the lifestyles of people who are aggressive, and love taking risks.

The inspiration for this car was from the modern designs of roller coasters as well as sky diving wing suits, as Honda Air, is powered by a compressed air and pneumatic regulator system. The front portion of the car aka the cockpit has been designed in such a way, so that the passengers can have the maximum enjoyment of the open air experience and feel like they rule the road, when they are driving the car.

The Honda Air Design has glass reinforced seating panels, urethane tore compensation, and skeletal sub-frame components which combine for the huge weight savings of the car. Another reason for the light weight and the dynamic performance of the car are because of the presence of the hubless wheel and drive system that eliminate the use of heavy drive train components. The Air weighs somewhere under 800 lbs.

The car seems to be very comfortable as well, because after all when driving a car, comfort is something that everyone looks for, which you can see for yourself in the pictures.

So, if you believe the future has a lot of good stuff in store for you, go ahead and think about investing in the future in the form of this car. Don’t think twice, as the more advanced and open you are to changes, the less difficult it will be for you to adapt to the environment you live in.

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Via: Tuvie