See-Through Portal T-Shirt is Real!

Let’s admit it, we all like cool and unique especially when it comes to wearing something. Don’t you go to the store as soon as you find out that some new stuff has arrived? That’s nearly the case with everyone, but the story that we are covering today is pretty unique.

There are times when you don’t feel comfortable with all the different types of t-shirts around and then you finally decided on buying one for your ownself. This is what exactly happened with Ben Heck. We won’t say he was fed up of ‘normal’ t-shirts but we will say that he wanted to create something out of the box. And well, he did it!

Ben says that he always had the urge to create something unique. A t-shirt that is not see-through in the traditional manner but is see-through in the technological manner. What does it mean? It means that he created a t-shirt which is basically called a Portal t-shirt integrated with a camera on the back and a screen on the front. What happens is that you can actually see what is behind the person on the screen in the front of the shirt. That is what we mean precisely by a ‘technological’ see-through t-shirt. Got the point?

If you still are wondering what it would be like then check the pictures below. Ben says that his t-shirt might not be the most horrifying Halloween costume, but it sure is the geekiest one. And, we agree with you Ben. The t-shirt has an LCD mounted in the front with a pocket mounted battery and a mounted camera at the back. Now, the point is that generally, such a t-shirt would be quite heavy to wear right? This is the where the intelligence of Ben comes in. Of course he knew that he has to make a t-shirt that can be worn in this year’s Halloween party. So, all of the gizmos integrated are pretty lightweight. You can’t say that the LCD or the camera will literally pull your t-shirt down because they won’t. The lightweight gizmos make it possible for you to wear the t-shirt safely and comfortably!

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Via: TechEBlog