The Very Unique Walkie Talkie Wrist Watch

Everyone needs a watch. Everyone needs to tell the time. But how about sporting a different watch? This very unique walkie talkie wrist watch helps you not only to tell time accurately but also to stay connected with your buddies at the mall, park, sports venues, or pubs.

This digital wrist watch has a two-way radio capability with up to an outdoor range of 1.5 miles. The uniqueness of this walkie talkie wrist watch is that it has optional hands-free voice transmitting, channel scan, auto squelch, auto battery saver, volume control, a backlit LCD display, and a fold down antenna.

The walkie talkie wrist watch comes with two radio watches, two rechargeable lithium ion batteries, two AC adaptors, two headsets, and a manual.

These walkie talkie watches with FRS and GMRS two-way radios are a great way to keep in touch with friends and dear ones, whether at a party , on an adventure trip, vacation, road trip , at a crowded mall, or even in an amusement park. This watch gives you the facilities to talk, hear, and ring other radios within range. In short, they are a lot like possessing a short range cellphone, minus usage fees, and contracts.

The watch can also be used as a wireless intercom in and around your home to call someone out into the yard or onto the other side of the house. These walkie talkie watches are not only compact but have quality transceivers that can transmit and receive over great distances. They have superior clarity too in comparison with first gen walkie talkies.

The walkie talkie watch operates on UHF radio frequencies, which are less prone to static and interference that plague citizen band radios.

Here are the features in brief of the unique walkie talkie watch – it has high technology wrist walkie talkie, with base FRS/GRMS version. The voice scrambler function has four channels. It comes with an auto power off function and channel selection function. Not only does it have VOX function, it has VOX sensitivity selection, too. The walkie talkie watch has dual watch scan function. The watch comes with rechargeable battery circuit protection and voice scramble function. Month, date, hour, minute, and second are displayed. It is equipped with a thirty second alarm sound.

The watch displays time in twelve-hour format and has a four year calendar. The walkie talkie watch runs on rechargeable lithium batteries and they require a twenty-four hour charge the first time. Later on, they need only a six-hour charge to provide forty hours of standby time as well as two hours of continuous talk time.

The walkie talkie watch is absolutely free to use and does not require any licensing. Alarm and the stop watch are all displayed by the backlit LCD screen. Enthrall people and make this walkie talkie watch the owner’s pride, and envy of many! It is priced at $109.98.

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