Gibson Dark Tiger Guitar Has Got Real Winning Features

The guitarists from now on will perhaps find the best instrument to set the stage on fire, just the way Gibson says, the most advanced guitar of the world, named as the Dark Tiger, has been introduced lately.

Gibson Dark Tiger

The body of the guitar is truly one-of-a-kind that also gives a glimpse of the advanced designing. The back of the guitar is made of mahogany and marblewood and the interior of the guitar is covered by its back which is also well-designed.

The interior is made in a way that the chambers makes the guitar weigh lighter than many other guitars. Not only the interior, but the external design of the guitar too is attractive and the Dark Tiger can be seen shining with its mahogany made neck. The fretboard has tiger-tooth shaped markers on it too that makes it look extra and unique. The neck pick-up of the guitar is designed as a hum-canceling single-coil model and the bridge pickup of the guitar is a Burst Bucker 3.

Gibson Dark Tiger 1

Some good and must mentioning factor about the Gibson Dark Tiger guitar is the easily tunable keys that enable the guitarist to change the tune from one to another smoothly in playing fast tracks. These tuning keys can remind one of the “Robot Tuners” of Gibson but the only difference is that these are smaller. Then again, it comes with some other things like an internal pre-amp and parametric EQ, a Tune-o-Matic bridge, a capacity of keeping played for 500 times on a single charge of the battery and so on. At times, after having a look at its specifications, it gets easy for one to estimate the price of this guitar. As expected, this guitar does no come so cheap and the Dark Tiger guitar costs $4,150.

Gibson Dark Tiger2

However, the main thing is yet to mention. It is the Master Control Knob which is a kind of single circular knob that is designed for controlling the guitar and for lighting up like a Daft Punk helmet. For the Master Control Knob to do so, there is an integral LED display as well. So, after knowing all about the Gibson Dark Tiger guitar, it will not be something unusual if you too, just like Gibson, would like to name it as the most advanced guitar of the world.

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Gibson Via: Wired