EverCool Spacestation Widescreen Cooling Pad NP-501

God gave man brains! Man worked harder and harder! His brain got heated up working too hard! Then man invented the computers to do the work for him! Computers performed better than ever imagined but after a point of time and after a level of hard work put in by them, they too got heated up.

Computer components produce quite an amount of heat and the overheated parts stop working early. There will be loss of performance and hence, computer cooling is necessary. It will improve the performance of the processor and lessen the noise generated by cooling fans.

And thus was fitted a computer fan inside the computer case for the purpose of cooling. Cool air from outside is drawn into the case, warm air from inside is driven out in order to cool a particular component, air is moved across a heat sink. The normal cooling provided for in the computers may be mired by dust obstructing air flow or due to poor heat transfer.

Well, with the passage of time, laptops started to be popularized. Even these machines came fitted with a fan inside of them. But when compared to a desktop, the fan performance of the laptops is low even though they come with built-in fans, there is a lot of room for air circulation in the CPU cabinet. So, being operated for a longer time, the laptops become overheated. This stopped them from operating at a complete capacity. And hence, the first laptop external cooling pad was invented by Rakesh Bhatia for the Intel Corporation. On January 8th, 1999, the same was patented. While on one’s lap, desk, or table surface, the laptop is kept cool by the cooling pad. They prevent the laptop from overheating.

Basically these laptops come in two forms, active and passive. Active cooling pads come with fans which when rested beneath the laptop will blow air towards the CPU and the pads work on power sometimes sourced through USB ports. Passive laptops are made from heat dispersal substance which will take out the heat from the laptop. And these pads don’t need a power source to work. Most good cooling pads come with a wave shape or a vent so as to provide for better air circulation.

So it is finally evident how important a cooling pad is for one’s laptop and this is exactly why EverCool has come up with the Spacestation Widescreen Cooling Pad NP-501. Laptops that are wide ranging from 11” to 16” can be mounted on the white sturdy base of the cooling pad. This pad works as an active one and it comes with two 80mm fans. This definitely keeps your laptop cool since the fans spin at a speed of 2000rpm.

The cooling pad derives its power from the laptop and it comes with a 32” cable which connects the laptop to the USB port provision on the pad. At a price of $27.09 with attractive packaging, the Spacestation appears as cool as it promises to keep the laptop.

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