Chess Set- Design Inspired by Structures in Different Countries

When we are not doing our job, we all like to take up on a hobby or a recreational activity that helps keep ourselves entertained, connect within our inner self, and also bond with other people over such activities.

Here is a product that will help you do just what has been described above. This product design is a chess set. Thomas Perrone shares with us this unique and scrupulously designed chess set that looks so cool that you will want to play or learn to play (in case you do not know how to play chess). This chess set called the calatrava chess set comes in the blue and off-white colors instead of the traditional black and white colors of the chess board and the players on the board.

The design of the pawns is so stylish and cool looking that it literally looks like it’s an organism from another planet and when you are playing your turn, you will actually feel like you are holding an alien in your hands!

chess set

The other pieces that stand in the second row, are fabulously designed and the inspiration behind the design of these are the different buildings around the world! Each player indicates a different shape and figure present in different parts of the world. They all look just amazing and are equally good looking in shape, design, and features.

chess set2

For example: as seen in the pictures the pawn has been designed by keeping a certain country’s structure in mind, in this case the Tenerife concert hall in Spain. Similarly the king has been designed based on the turning torso building in Sweden and the queen the Fordham spire in Chicago.

Al in all, this is a unique design of the calatrava chess set where you can see that the designer’s creativity is displayed on the chess board. The design is so meticulous that it gives you a satisfaction every time look, lift, touch, or play games on the chess board.

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