i-hotake iPad Cover

You would think when the designers were making the iPad, they would make a design that would be comfortable to hold. It’s not to say holding the iPad is difficult, but the whole look of the iPad is really sleek. For most people this will cause paranoia for most iPad users, the same way the iPod touch, the iPhone, and the original iPods did. That’s why there was such a high market for iPod cases. Since these products aren’t cheap, it would be ideal to keep them in good condition. It would have been convenient if these products were made more durable than they are, but then they wouldn’t have the same appearance that we have come to know.iPad

This i-hotake basically allows the iPad user to have a good grip on their iPad without fear of leaving undesirable finger print marks all over the iPads surface. It also allows for the iPad to be placed flat onto any surface without worry about getting the iPad scratched or dirtied. Considering it holds the same purpose of a case, it is expected to look a little lumpy because most cases tend to.


Functionally this product is great. Not only does it do exactly what it’s supposed to do, it is actually a useful product that most of us would probably want to invest our money in. There is only one drawback to this company’s product: their choice of colors. Most people probably wouldn’t react well to the bright orange, and even though they have the option of green, it is not the type of green that most people would probably be interested in. Luckily for them, they also have the option of buying in blue, and unlike the green, it is actually a type of blue that most people have on their products.

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Via: Geardiary