LIFELINK Offers Safe Communication To Water Raft Guides

The famous James Dyson Award now has a new and amazing entry called LIFELINK, which is a safety communication device especially developed for white water raft guides. This innovative device establishes a communication link between raft guides, emergency services, and base camp in a brilliant way.

lifelink 1

LIFELINK is in fact, counted in some of the reliable devices for constant link of communication to ensure safety and guidance of guests and guides. Wearing LIFELINK is simple and it is done on the chest area of the Raft Guide’s lifejacket. Such a location to wear this instrument also makes it easily accessible in need at all times.

One of the best features of LIFELINK is that it puts a limit to the distance a raft can stray from one point during a rafting trip. This function has been achieved with the help of GPS in LIFELINK and it is one of the most remarkable features of this product that has been nominated at the James Dyson Award.

LIFELINK is perfect to keep different rafts together when people indulge in rafting in groups, as it helps keeping rafts together at a distance of about 40-50 meters. Moreover, this device helps responding quickly and effectively in emergency situations. This product not only keeps you safe but also guides you to verbally communicate with each other, be it at the base camp or at the other raft through VHF radio waves.

LIFELINK is also capable of alerting all the surrounding guides at the time of distress, no matter be it a flip or loss of an equipment. It also allows the TL or the team leader to instantly contact and coordinate his or her group of rafts with the help of just a button. Just a single press of a button sends the chosen command to all the guides’ devices through LIFELINK.

lifelink 2

Featuring a unique button on its rear side, LIFELINK is actually an inspiration from the Colorado River during the summers of 2007/2008. The basic idea is that rafting is done in remote, usually mountainous regions and it is very important to keep all the rafters safe.

In order to develop LIFELINK many researches were made and many people were contacted to connect people through communication while white water rafting. You would be amazed to know that LIFELINK was developed from three concepts of communication for the guide. Let’s see whether this innovative product wins the James Dyson Award.

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