New Router Design is Small but Cute

Looking over at my ancient Linksys router, I often wonder if the design of your average boxy looking block routers couldn’t be improved (Ok so maybe not all that often, but the point stands). It turns out that Tuvey had the same idea, and they came out with a smaller and sleeker router design of their own.Shedding the boxy brick design that we’ve all grown used to. Out with the old and in with the new, assuming the price is right anyway.

Call me crazy, but I still prefer to have a good old fashioned ethernet port as an option, and I don’t believe I see one here. That aside, the gadget still helps you access the Internet from just about anywhere, and it lets up to 7 Internet-enabled devices connect simultaneously. The 2 LED lights located in the center let you know what your connection stauts is. I hope your family isn’t all that big, because I can think of plenty of devices that could eat up those slots quickly. I mean you have your Xbox, Playstation, Wii, iPod Touch, Nintendo DS, Laptop, netbook, etc. Or maybe you just have too many electronics. Just a thought.

While this router. designed by Jung Ho Bang and Kwangsung Kim, have plenty of merits, there’s plenty of other gadgetry to check out here on Walyou. If you want to give your router a boost (I know that my dinosaur could sure use one) might I suggest this signal boosting antenna. If you’d like to see some other router designs that also incorporates a smaller feel to it, then I can point you to the TRENDnet Wireless router. All that power in a nice convenient little package. What’s not to like?

Via:  Tuvie