Nintendo Mini Classic: A Perfect Souvenir for All Nintendo Lovers

For every Nintendo fan who wants to show true dedication to its awesome creativity, Nintendo Mini Classics is just a perfect souvenir to keep with you. It’s a perfect device to remind you of its history, from where it all began! Easy to carry, fun to play, Nintendo Mini Classic is the cutest console to carry around anywhere, everywhere!

I’m sure, Mario and NES is the base where the love for the Nintendo evolves. Though I agree there’s a vast progress with the change in technology adopted for advanced consoles, this Mini classic is back to make it to the headlines. This makes me remember the days when I used to carry this to school, which was so easy to duck, or just wear it as a keychain.

From the Nintendo Game & Watch collection, as the name suggests, these tiny little thing also includes a basic clock along with an alarm function. By providing three amazing options of Nintendo Mini Classic in the form of Mario’s Cement Factory, Donkey Kong Junior, and Super Mario Bros, play along with just your thumbs, when you’re sure no one is watching you at the office or school, and try to get the highest score possible!

Available at just $16icon approximately, it features proper LCD graphics. It is a perfect thing to keep you occupied and easy to carry while traveling anywhere.  If you are a die-hard Nintendo fan, then don’t miss out on the Nintendo Controllers evolution or the Handheld Classic Nintendo.