Flymount Extreme Camera Mount: Hands On Review

If you are into extreme sports and want to catch some of your best times, angles and visuals on camera, then the Flymount could be of great assistance. Basically, the Flymount is a rugged Camera mount that was created and optimized for extreme conditions.

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The Flymount itself is a portable Camera mount that is glass-reinforced nylon and stainless-steel which attaches to your Camera as a tripod would, with its other end providing a rugged mount to attach to your Bicycle Handlebars, Dune Buggy frame, Windsurfing pole or other additional equipment. It was made for various conditions, including being Water resistant, salt water durable, and withstanding high and low temperature when taking pictures.

flymount camera mount hands on review

While we personally are not into extreme sports, it was fun to have our hands free while riding our bike, knowing that the camera is held steady and secure. I can only fathom how true extreme Athletes would get an a new high out of being able to catch their raw, crazy and various stunts on film while they are in the air, catching a wave, or taking off a record breaking jump.

The best thing about the Flymount is the straight to the point contraption. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to use it: attaching various mounts or levers, and on top of that use extreme force to keep your camera secure. It can easily be understood that it is a durable mount which only needs to grab to where you want it placed, and secured by screwing the easy to twist knob. Furthermore, an additional restraining strap is provided, so besides the tripod connection for Camera attachment, you also strap the Camera to the mount for further security.

flymount camera mount hands on

As in sights and views, the Flymount grants some flexibility in angles, so you could rest assured the angle you wish for can be achieved. You will have to make sure that what it will hold onto is cylinder shaped items with diameter between 20-40mm (0.8-1.6-inches) but for most needs, it will suffice.

While the Flymount provides the solution for those dealing with extreme sports, it is also of use for the rest of the enthusiasts, for it is a practical mount in itself no matter the photography use you have.

flymount camera mount review

The Flymount Camera Mount runs for £49.98 and provides affordable shipping for all International Customers.

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