Vintage Twitter = Sticky Notes

It seems that Post-It Notes are jumping into the ring with Twitter.  Talk about high-tech meets low-tech. This may not be the ultimate battle-royal, but it’s somewhat cute for those of us that can get past the sadness of this particular situation.

Let’s face it, Twitter pretty much dominates the quicky-note market these days, forcing out 160 character messages in one of the most prolific (and occasionally mind-numbing) uses of technology to date.  The social networking site has grown in popularity to support over 100 million users across the globe.  Although it’s hard to say just how many people are in the Post-It Note corner, my guess is that it’s just about even. Granted, I don’t really think that Post-It notes have that much to offer in the way of social media.

Currently celebrating their 30th year anniversary, Post-It seems to have a little bit of a chip on its shoulder where the new kid on the block is concerned.  Although there’s a cute geekiness to this attempt at revitalizing the Post-It note cult, it seems a tad bit like Johnny Cash covering Nine Inch Nails songs.  What do I mean?  Post-It, like Johnny Cash, was around long before the newer, sleeker version – yet the old version is “paying homage” to the younger version.   Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Post-It handed out boxes with 500 Post-It Notes, which they called “Vintage Tweets” and a small pencil at a conference for web developers in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference, Disruptive Code, was hold in the Fall of this year (2010.)

Now. I don’t know about those of you out there that have heard about this strange concept/promotion, but it makes me feel a little ill.   The comparison seems a little faulty – since Post-Its make me thinking of reminders (walk-the dog, do laundry, pick up dry-cleaning, post Twitter update about said dog-walking). Twitter, on the other hand seems to navigate from the trenches of the inane to the trenches of the celebrity life.

Who knows.  Maybe they’re right.  Maybe Post-Its are Vintage Tweets.  For those of you in the Post-It corner, check out this Post-It Pillow, for those of you in the Twitter corner, check out this rumor regarding a Apple/Twitter team up .

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