Heavy Gear: Rapid Clearance Concept Vehicle

In the near future, as we populate our beloved earth to its limits, human beings shall have to relocate to distant earth-like planets in a galaxy far far away. As obnoxious celestial beings, cohabitation with native alien race would be an arduous task. And, often, we would have to call in heavy-duty machinery like the Rapid Clearance Concept Vehicle to shoo the E.T.(s) away.

These would exactly be the kind of mechanical monsters the Na’vi(s) would be terrorized with and could single-handedly pulverize the Pandorean terrain. Designed by Vil Tsimenzin from Boston, Massachusetts (USA), who specializes in industrial design, 3-D modeling, and illustration, it is indeed a gargantuan work of visual art and industrial design.Two units are conceptualized, one optimized for rough terrain while the other is designed for regular field work. The Regular field work prototype is a heavy-duty mechanoid featuring bi-pedal movement and encompassing massive ground clearance.

The All Terrain model, features a unique four-wheel drive system. The rubber tyres are extremely durable and optimized for maximum traction, making the vehicle mobile in harshest of terrains. Though, generally it has low ground clearance, it can be changed into a high stance mode. Also, possessing a multipurpose  heavy duty arm with interchangeable tools such as the chainsaw to decimate anything in its path. The engine is mounted in the undercarriage.

Also by Vil : Road Night Full Gear and, more futuristic ATV : Snatch Land Rover.

The rise of the machines hath come.