Stampy Digital Camera lets You Make Your Mark

As far as novel concepts go, this idea combines one part digital camera with one part rubber stamp.  The product makes it easy to take a picture and “print” it right away by turning the image into a stamp.

The Camera concept is called the Stampy Digital Camera and gives you a new option for printing.  No need for a fancy printer and expensive paper. Although there’s a little bit of kitsch in this product, there’s no doubt it’s right on target for the hipster market.

Designed by Jinhee Kim, this product makes it easy to get instant gratification out of your picture taking experience.  It’s kind of like a Polaroid, but without the shaking.  At present the design only envisions being able to stamp out images in red ink, but a next generation model (oh, and we do love our next-gen models, thank you Apple), would allow the use of multiple colors.

There’s a slightly retro look to the pictures, as if they were printed on a dot-matrix printer. And sure, there are ways to approximate the same look using Photoshop and other photo-editing tools, but do they give you the instant gratification that this concept would give you? Hell no. Not at present anyways.

If you’re into geeky, artsy types of toys you might be interested in this concept, which, as of yet, is not being produced by any of our favorite manufacturers. If you are into this sort of thing, then you might also be interested in something a little more retro, like the Steampunk Pinhole Camera. Or if you’re interested in things that are a little more cutting edge, you might be interested in the FinePix 3D camera .

Now, I don’t see the ultimate practicality of this product, but as the concept announcement says, it’s “just for fun.”  I think I’ll stick with my good old fashioned digital camera and cellphone camera for now. It’s not immediately clear if this concept would allow for uploading to digitial media sites, or how many pictures you could conceivably take with the camera. It seems pretty safe to say that this product exists solely for the stamp aspect.

Via: Yanko Design