The Etón Scorpion Multipurpose Emergency Radio – A Guerrilla Radio

Our modern lives have undergone a complete digital transformation. We share our lives online, stay in touch, and probably even find work there. The question to ask is that in a digital world, is there a place, or even a necessity, for analogue technologies like radio. And the answer to this question is – yes.Radio was at the focal point of technology once and was the primary source of entertainment and information. Subsequently, radio was replaced by modern technologies. The radio, however, has managed to survive the test of times primarily because of its old school technology. In the event of an emergency when power is disrupted and cable lines cease to function, radio comes to the rescue.

The Etón Scorpion Multipurpose Emergency Radio is a highly functional portable radio that can be used in an emergency. Featuring a compact body crafted from durable plastic, the Scorpion Multipurpose Radio is a self-sustaining gadget. It can be used to tune in to weather forecasts, alerts, and emergency messages on the NOAA weather Band.

The portable radio set has the aesthetics of a guerrilla radio that can survive in just about any situation. Black and yellow color tones cover the body frame of the radio with a waist clasp attached on the top. A rectangular speaker is paced on the front portion with a silver colored antenna placed in the rear.

The Scorpion Multipurpose Radio runs on solar powered cells. The device can be recharged by placing it in sunshine. A battery charger indicator informs the user on the amount of power in the portable radio set.

In case there is no sunshine to charge the batteries, the set has a crank fixed on the rear portion. When the user winds the crank, mechanical energy powers the Scorpion Radio. The crank feature allows the user to tune in to emergency broadcasts anytime, anywhere.

The Scorpion Emergency Radio has ‘Multipurpose’ in its title for a particular reason. The radio set can double up as a flashlight with a built-in LED panel at the bottom of the set. It can be used as a portable USB charger and can power your mobile phones. The user can also plug in a portable music player and listen to songs via the external speaker on the portable radio set.

If you are looking for a radio that can just about do anything, then the Etón Scorpion Multipurpose Emergency Radio is the ideal gadget for you. It is priced at $50.00.

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