17 Frog Inspired Gadgets and Designs

Today, the market place is filled with gadgets inspired from every possible thing present on the earth. However, there are only a few types which stand out as something unique, beautiful, and helpful as well. In this article we have brought to you some of the cutest and adorable gadget designs inspired from the sweetest animal on the earth- the frog. I bet you would want to take home most of these gadgets.

Frog Garden Solar Light

If you want something new for your garden which will turn heads of your guest, then here is “Frog Garden Solar Light” for you. This solar light is shaped as a frog and does not need any electricity as it works on solar power. You even don’t have to worry about switching off the lights in the morning because this Frog Garden Solar Light turns off when there is light and automatically turns on in dark.

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Frog Shaped Bug Zapper

You must have seen many bug zappers before which looks dull and boring with their same old designs, but this one is different from the conventional bug zappers because this “Frog Shaped Bug Zapper” as the name suggests, come in the shape of a smiling frog. That’s right, your bug zapping needs can now be met by a smiling frog.

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Frog Bag

This “Frog Bag” will definitely turn people’s heads towards you. This fun and weird bag looks like a big replica of the frog. To make it easy to carry, it features flashy orange handles that stand out and a flat bottom to support itself when kept aside. Kids will definitely love to carry this Frog bag.

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Frog Can Crusher

Now recycling can be fun too as “The Frog Can Crusher” helps you get even more into your recycling bin and do it with style. Just place any standard aluminum drink can on top of the frog’s feet, then press down to crush it. It’s fun and safe to do, so even young kids can have fun helping to crush cans and learn about recycling too. Fun and educational, now that’s a great froggy to have around the house!

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Kermit Frog Phone

Kermit the Frog sitting with his legs crossed at the knee, left foot resting on a hassock that matches the 1970s-style chair in which he sits. The faux-wood base has a red plastic top, and the receiver is bright yellow. This phone will give little humor and different look to your home décor.

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Bob Bottle Opener

This Froggy Shaped Bottle Opener is an easy to grip and effective bottle opener. His hind legs feature ridges for opening those pesky, plastic twist-off tops like the ones found on plastic soda bottles. Now you don’t have to keep two different openers for this Bob Bottle Opener can do the work of both the openers and it comes in cool bright colors.

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Frog Tape Dispenser

Give your desk a little more personality with this “Frog Tape Dispenser.” The bright little eyes and smiling face of this novel Frog Tape Dispenser will charm even the most crabby office pal. With tongue poised and ready to cut your tape, he’s sure to make you smile. This mischievous little amphibian will certainly brighten your day as he helps with desktop tasks.

Frog Alarm Clock

After a day’s play in the cool, deep waters of the swamp, two darling daredevil frogs find an unlikely spot to relax, right on top of this Alarm clock. This “Frog Alarm Clock” is cute and kids will love it when they hear this frogs singing.

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Frog Shaped iPhone Cozy

iPhone Cozy is shaped like a frog. This iPhone case is also named as “Gregory.” It seems as if two pieces of felt, is been stitched together by an 8 year old kid. The Frog Shaped iPhone Cozy looks like a frog eating the phone, which is a bit cute although. Don’t you feel so?

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Frog iPod Dock and Speakers

As the name suggests, this 3 in 1 combo of radio, iPod dock and digital alarm clock, embedded within a pet which looks like a frog and dances to the music coming out of its stomach. iMini Pet animated speaker system is from Ozaki’s. On the technical side: this is a iPod dock with speakers, a radio and an alarm clock, and it fits all iPod models and with a line in cable, it can connect to any mp3 player with a 3.5mm jack plug. So set the alarm and you can wake up to your music, a dancing frog, and a fully charged iPod.

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USB Frog Massager

If you work like hell and start to feel tired, then you should try a good massage and here is a cute “USB Frog Massager” for you which you can use in office as well as home. Push the frog eyes and the little frog goes to work on massaging those sore muscles for back, shoulders, arms, and legs.

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Lego Frog

Lego fan Dave Kaleta has constructed a dissected frog completely out of LEGO bricks. The frog is spread open and its innards and outwards are all made out of the little plastic bricks. It took quite a vision and a keen recollection of what a frog looks like on the inside to pull this off.

Frog Mouse and Mouse Pad

Got bored with the boring computer and mouse at office? Here is something new for you, it’s a mouse; it’s a frog, yes you guessed it right, it’s a mouse in the shape of a frog. It has got big round eyes which are the buttons and it’s USB for easy plug in. It also comes with a frog shaped mouse pad which complements the frog mouse.

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Ur. Frog Wrist Rest

“Ur. Frog Wrist Rest” is made of silicone and features built-in LEDs that will make the frog glow in the dark when it’s connected to a USB port. The other part of the USB connection is that you can use the frog for various interactive games, where you will have to hit the poor little thing to catch flies and so on. Catching a fly will also make the LED lights twinkle. Cool right?

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The Frog’s Butt Paper Clip Holder

This is one of the cutest desk accessories which you can keep in your office or at home and which is extremely useful too. The “Frog’s Butt Paper Clip Holder” comes in bright color and looks like a frog normally sitting on the toilet set but when you lift the frog off his set the magnetic bottom will bring a paper clip with him. The facial expression on the frogs face is like he is in bit pain which looks fun and will bring smile on the faces who looks at it.

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Frog Rug

Another frog shaped item to decorate your house is the “Frog Rug.” This rug looks like a giant frog is spread on the floor. It comes in bright green color and will be a perfect rug to decorate children’s room.

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X-Ray of Kermit the Frog

This cool x-ray image of Kermit the Frog was made by Joshua Kemble and which is truly beautiful. This was an official released Kermit the Frog X-Ray from the good old days of the Muppets.