Star Wars Characters Typography Ads

The Star Wars series is something that has become a major part of nerd-culture and the impact that it’s had on society is huge. The franchise shows up as a major pop culture reference in so many different ways and we’ve seen them through artwork, episodes of our favorite cartoons and even in geek culture. Star Wars has even made its way into the advertising world, as seen in many different ad campaigns. Most recently the campaign run by H-57, a Milan-based design and advertising agency, has begun including artistic designs of different Star Wars icons in their typography ad campaigns.


These campaigns serve the purpose of advertising typography that H-57 didn’t actually come up with, so I’m guessing that these are probably just joke campaigns to illustrate how pop culture seeps into a lot of what we see, hear and interact with. There is more to it than that of course. The images in each of these posters are made completely out of typographic letters and symbols. The stormtrooper for example uses a collection of D’s, brackets, and other familiar symbols. The overall look of these designs is pretty cool and sends a pretty clear message; you can take anything and turn it into anything else. These designs are very well thought out, so I have to commend the design team, because it is really well done.


This one of Yoda looks really cool, too. My overall impression is that the designers spent a lot of time working out the features and how everything would kind of look. In any case, it works really well.


Of course, the final one is Darth Vader, who looks more like a collection of typography than the others. The H-57 Design team includes creative directors Matteo Civaschi and Gianmarco Milesi, and account director Sabrina Di Gregorio. These ads were published only earlier this month and posters of the same designs are available for purchase.

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Via Ads of the World