20 Geekiest Rug Designs

When was the last time you bought a rug? Don’t lie. As a net citizen who lives permanently on the Internet, you probably never look beyond your computer screen, let alone paying attention for something lying silently on the ground.

But things are changing. Geeks have advanced to such a level that they leave their trademark on every step they take. Below is the list of 20 rug designs that will make you look down to your feet for geeky inspiration.

Sajjadah 1426 Prayer Rug

A prayer rug is the only and indispensable necessity the Muslims need to perform their prayer 5 times a day. Utilizing Electro Luminescent Phosphore Printing technology, ‘Sajjadah 1426′ prayer rug indicates the direction via the data coming from a compass module embedded inside it: the closer to the direction of Mecca it is turned, the brighter the patterns illuminate. The hi-tech prayer rug features illuminated patterns that bring the atmosphere of a mosque whenever it goes.

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Sound Carpet

It is always a dream to lie down on the floor and listen to your favorite music with the best sound quality on a lazy Sunday morning. Lim Hyuntaik realized the dream with the Sound Carpet. The speakers are hidden inside the four raised corners, removes the visual clutters. Each corner also provides a soft place to lounge comfortably.

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Wake up Rug

If you are a such sleepaholic who is totally immune from normal alarms, a wake up rug is exactly what you need to get yourself out of the bed. This rug features a hidden alarm that can only be put off when you step both of your feet on it. Place it as far as you want from your bed and be amazed by its effect.

Illuminated Rug

Anyone who has ever come close to darkness phobia and find normal lamps’ light too bright for your sleep will see the immediate benefit of this light carpet. Perfect to place in a kid’s room.

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Cable Carpet

Dragging cables that make can make you trip over all the time have always been a drawback when dealing with technology gadgets in your room until now as Cablet carpet is introduced. The carpet integrates cable ducts that hide the wires in a soft foam kern which “haptically corresponds to the felt carpet.”

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Pac-Man Carpet

The famous 80’s video game has taken a further step down to the ground with this wool Pac-Man carpet, hand-woven in Portugal. The carpet measures 7×10 ft with the landscape format and maze color. Even though the company boasts the product is for children, the price is not quite for them though as it goes up to $1830 each.

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Super Mario Bros. 3 Racoon Mario Rug

Handmade by EnemyAirShip as a birthday present, this beautiful 7×7 ft. Mario Racoon rug is made of 360 separate squares that represent 1 pixel each. It features the best moment in Super Mario Bros. 3 when the Tanooki suit transforms Mario into a racoon and allows him to fly.

Tetris Rug

It will be unfair if all the classic games have been featured in lovely rug designs and beloved Tetris is missed out. The Tetris rug, made from high quality wool, looks simple yet surprisingly beautiful.

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NES Controller Rug

Anyone who loves the Nintendo will love this NES Controller rug. Made from soft yarn with a fleece border, the rug resembles a classic Nintendo 8-bit console. It measures 33 (w) x 16.5 (h) and is available at $49.99.

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Hopscotch Rug

The Hopscotch rug is something that will make you smile because of the sweet childhood memory it brings about. With the hopscotch made in real life size,  you can actually play on it.

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Soccer Field Rug

Made from 100% hand-tufted wool, the carpet will not only add a sport touch to your home but also transform your floor into a mini soccer field, perfect for some exercise to warm up yourself during winter.

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DIY T-shirt Rug

This is one brilliant DIY idea that any geek can do and will definitely love it. The T-shirt carpet, introduced by a geek girl called Giaguara, makes use of old Apple and other geeky T-shirts.

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Find a Face Rug

There is something about this Find a Face rug that makes you fall in love with it immediately. It is probably because of the childish feeling its cute random faces brings about to inspire you to find a face in every day objects.

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Textile Keyboard

The textile keyboard is, no doubt, the longest keyboard in the world as it’s made from 22,528 recycled keyboard keys. Shown as an art project by Jean Shin, the rug looks so inviting that you would almost want to nourish your feet in it. No USB port is spotted, but the 3 first rows are actually functional.

Global Warming

Aimed to tackle one of the most critical problems of our time, the Global Warming rug, dubbed as NEL, portrays global warming in a scene that invites us to reflect on our impact on today’s world. A cute yet desperate polar bear seeking shelter among increasing sea level is an image hardly any conscious person can resist.

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Boogie Man Rug

Boo, Boogie is under your bed! It’s time to overcome your childhood fear by facing it everyday, whether before you go to bed or when you just wake up with this Jellio’s Boogie Man Rug.

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Miniskull Rug

Opposite to the traditional scary image of skull, this Miniskull rug actually looks amazingly beautiful with cheerful bright colors and elegant flowers patterns. The exclusiveness adds to its collectible value as only 50 of them are created.

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Road Kill Carpet

Depicting a dead cat lying in a puddle of blood scattering all over the place, the Road Kill Carpet will not only serve as a warning message to your cat but also startle any unprepared guest in your house. Despite its seemingly sickening concept, the carpet looks pretty cool.

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Comb Over Carpet

“Comb Over” carpet is a design that is inspired from the least likely source of inspiration: the comb-over hairdo commonly used by bald men. Designed by Meirav barzilay to celebrate the beauty of old age, the carpet provides unexpectedly comfortable strands to indulge yourself in.

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Tapistongs Rug

The stylish carpet from Lise El Sayed is a brilliant design that allows you to play a prank on your friends by telling them you make the slippers out of the carpet yourself! The matching slippers will also ensure your carpet will be kept clean from dirty shoes that your guests might bring in.

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