The Slingshot Monkey

When was the last time your kid wanted a slingshot but you didn’t buy him one because they aren’t safe? Every mom does that and there is no harm in it.

Keeping your children safe yet letting them have all the fun in life is what parents want. But, at times certain things just seem to be inappropriate and violent. If you think the same about slingshots, then you need to renew your thinking because these slingshot monkeys are fun, cheap, and SAFE at the same time!


Believe it or not, they are no ordinary slingshots. Once you have these, your child will love them. First of all, they are slingshots and every child loves being mischievous with slingshots. Secondly, they are safe so you won’t need to be worried about his safety and the safety of others. It’s all well when the slingshot monkeys are there!

How do they work?

For the flying monkeys to fly properly, you need to give them the right pull. Unlike ordinary slingshots, these monkeys have some of their own requirements that you need to adhere to if you want them to fly. You need to put your fingers in the slot which is under the monkey’s hands and pull the monkey from behind. His body will stretch but make sure you don’t stretch it too much or else you will hurt the poor buddy. Now, leave his legs to let him fly and whoa! there goes your monkey! Up high in the air flying like Super-Monkey!

The flying monkey is recommended for ages above four. They are designed to make the monkeys safe for both the users and the victims. It is soft and light, so even if your kid shoots you with it, don’t worry — it won’t hurt.

This flying monkey is available for $6.95, which isn’t a very costly price. If you really want something cheap yet amusing for your child, then these slingshots are the best thing to buy. When the monkey flies, your kid will enjoy and eventually, you will be happy about it. Would not you?

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Via: GadgetHim