Unique and New Marker Board Lunchbox Concept

There are two kinds of people in this world. First, the ones who live to eat, and second, those who eat to live? Regardless of what category you fall into or identify yourself with, this product is something that will be useful for everyone.

The product design has been submitted and shared with us by Thomas Vu. The product is a lunchbox. You must be thinking, what’s the big deal about a lunchbox? Everyone has one or used one in their life, right? Well, this lunch box, as I can assure you, is something that is very unique that you probably haven’t seen before and will startle your mind!

The basic concept of this lunch box is to obviously provide space for packing your lunch, and on the cover of the box, on both sides, you can write messages for yourself or the person you are packing the lunch for. Now, how new and exciting is that?

You can write messages for your kids, who go to school. This lunch box will definitely make you look like a really cool mom, as you are keeping up with the advancement of technology and design. It will also encourage your kids to finish up all their food, and you will have no more complaints about your children getting the right amount of healthy dietary needs.

It can also be used by kids or anyone using it during lunch time to bond with friends over a meal. They can use the message board to write messages for each other or play games and have a good afternoon and quality time spent with each other.

This lunch box is available in a wide variety of colors such as Red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. So, there is a color for each day or person. With the wide range of colors available you can either take a new color everyday for lunch or take one of your favorite colors every day. This will not only keep you entertained but also add some spice to your life, lunch time, and food. After all variety is the spice of life, right?

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