Mid-Century Madness Computer Case

This is what the designer likes to call ‘Mid-Century madness’. It is a computer desk or enclosure (whatever you may call it) inspired by an old television show, the Mad Men. The person who made this thing is Jeffrey Stephenson, and he was motivated by a challenge he found on a design blog.

The challenge was basically to build a mid-century table like structure, which can be used for modern purposes. Well, this is what he created and it’s awesome!

The idea behind this computer desk is to bring back the early sixties trend of furniture design to life. But, not just as a showpiece but to make it useful as well. To be honest, I think the designer has done a great job.

Jeffrey used a combination of red oak plywood and birch plywood with red oak veneer to make the enclosure and give it the look it deserves. The legs of the enclosure are made from solid red oak to give it proper stability, while the panels are made from plywood and are hand-sawn. Also, the taper in the legs are hand carved, and the overall enclosure is finished with Danish oil and semi-gloss brushing lacquer. The good part is that the color of the red oak is kept natural, which makes the enclosure look utterly beautiful.

Also, Jeffrey has tried his best to keep the overall design as much close to the mid-century design possible. Thin legs, long structure, and floating tabletops were what prevailed back then. So, that is what Jeffrey has done to this one too, and he did it quite well to be honest.

The central area, which is the computer case, has been modified a bit to suit the modern requirements of furniture. It is a modified Silverstone TJ08 micro ATX tower and can be removed easily by pulling it from the behind. There are vent ducts in the Silverstone case that Jeffrey has cut to make sure it is in alignment with the top and bottom vent openings of the external enclosure. Honestly speaking, the overall finished product is amazing! Good job Jeffrey!

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