The Shirtpocket Digital Television: An On-the-Go TV Solution

Ever miss the big game or the latest episode of your favorite TV show, just because you’re out of the house? There’s a solution for all you on-the-go people who have a favorite sports team or television series and want to catch every moment of the show.

The Shirtpocket Digital Television is a product that will help you catch every sports game or your favorite television serial, or watch the news when you cannot get hold of the TV set. This is a really cool concept and the design is very creative, as you can carry a brilliant TV around in your pocket. The display screen of The Shirtpocket Digital Television is a 4 ¼” screen, which shows videos at 480 x 272 resolution and sharp motion with image and video clarity cutting out the blurring and fuzziness on the display screen.

If you want to share the video or images on the TV screen with a group of people, just place the shirt pocket televisions in a 60º viewing angle, and has a 16:9 aspect ratio, ensuring that the video and images are big enough for easy viewing. Also, if you want to watch the TV without disturbing other around you, let’s say while in the bus or the train, there is a headphone jack that allows you to plug in your headphones and watch the TV with the same enjoyment as when using the TV screen without the headphones.

The Shirtpocket Digital Television also has an antenna that collapses back into the TV, so when you are watching TV on the Shirtpocket Digital Television and do not have enough reception, all you have to do is make sure to slide the antenna out, to enjoy clear picture and sound of your favorite TV serial, sports game among other things to watch on the TV.

This is a great product for all you people who love watching TV or business professionals to watch the news when on the move. This extremely portable device is available for $199.95.

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