Nike 6.0 SE DeLorean Shoes: Run 88 MPH!

I’m not entirely sure how a shoe is expected to mimic the look of a retro car made famous by the Back to the Future movies, but it appears that Nike has other ideas in mind. Behold, the Nike 6.0 SE Delorean Dunks. The shoe that looks like a car and drives like, well, you get the idea.

If you think that these shoes look just badass enough to pick up a pair, you better start looking. There will only be 1,000 of these shoes sold worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. The soles mimick the tail lights of the classic DMC-12, and the bottom of the shoe has the same gridded red-yellow-white pattern. The exterior is designed to look a lot like the stainless steel frame of the original model. It even has the fancy shchmancy Belfast stamp there on the tongue (The original author points out it could also be the DMC Stamp. To be honest I haven’t the faintest idea). These shoes went on sale at a limited number of outlets on Black Friday. The question is, how much of a Back to the Future fan are you, really? No word on what the price might end up being, but given that there’s only 1000 pairs out there, expect to pay through the nose (foot?).

Of course just one pair of geeky shoes may be enough for your average fan, so definitely don’t forget to pick up your own Marty McFly mod shoes. I mean who wouldn’t want their own Ms. Pacman retro shoes to teach gamers about fashion? Alternatively with the popularity of the recent movies (despite how bad the second one may have been) there’s these new transformer shoe art. Autobots, roll out … in shoes! Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the shoes don’t actually transform into anything. Someone should get on that immediately.

Via: Jalopnik