Brilliant Watch Design Uses Dazzling SciFi Concepts

Every time I look at all the different watch designs and concepts, I’m amazed at the creativity and originality the designers apply to their designs. It is no different with the latest watch concept from designer James Fursedon.

His design, RPM, reminds one of a turntable, and would immediately have you in a clubbing frame of mind. The shimmering grey centre is slightly curved and touch activates, or illuminates, the blue LED ring around the outer edge in order for you to read the time.

watch blue

Some of the other features are amazing as well; instead of just telling the time, it is also USB rechargeable. You simply use the special screw driver provided to unscrew, and the USB cable to connect it to your computer. You also have the option of turning the LED animation off.

The hours are displayed on the inner ring, and what makes it so easy to read the time is that the blue hour indicators are places in the same position as they would appear on an ordinary clock. The outer ring declare the minutes in loud and clear Blue LED five minute intervals. These are also placed on the same place on a conventional clock. The last group of LED’s at the top of clock display four single minutes, right next to the AM/PM indicator. Whenever the clocks “tick over,” the lights will flash for a few seconds to get your attention.

watch blue 1

The RPM also has a “night mode,” or rather, a light up animation feature. You can enable or disable it; however, when it is enabled the minute lights in the inner ring spin around the display once every fifteen minutes. Being the Stargate freak that I am, this feature immediately had me all excited like a little child in a candy warehouse… It reminded me of the many countdown devices the SG team encountered on dangerous objects. Like an alien bomb, or an self destruct mechanism. I would invest in this watch, for that reason only…

The battery is rechargeable and can also be replaced. To charge it using your computer will take approximately 3.5 hours and that one charging sessions should last for one month. One battery can be recharged 300 times, and then the battery can be replaced.

This design is most definitely up there with the “matrix” themed design I reviewed a while back, Sci-fi Inspired Watch Design To Make Neo Re-think His Fashion Sense. Alternatively, you might also like the design featured in Phosphor E Ink Watches: The Feature that Shapes the Future or the MicroSD Card Reader Watch for your Christmas shopping. Shop now, before it is too late!

Via: Tokyo Flash