Tron Light Cycle Prop

In lieu of the new “Tron Legacy” movie coming up in December of this year, prop designer Jay Brett came up with and created a prop light cycle from the movie, and while it is only a prototype, it does look pretty cool. With the design being as accurate as it is, it’s not hard to see why it’s been getting amazing amounts of praise from fans of Brett’s work.


The Tron design is actually pretty close to many of our collective memories of the bikes from the trailers and the design just seems to work so well. The typical sleek, large wheeled, lit up design is life-sized and accurate, and comes with a a rider model.



The great thing about this design is that everything seems to stream together, such as the design strip that runs along the side of the bike and goes up the back of the rider model. and of course, in action it probably looks very similar to what we know.


The level of detail and accuracy is pretty amazing, as the handlebar for the light cycles are actually attached to the rear portion of the inner rim of the front wheel. The handlebar does look like it can be adjusted for arm length, and has its own set of lights. Generally, the accuracy that Brett tried to achieve is certainly present in the piece.


The only major thing is that, because it is a prototype, it still doesn’t have all the features that would allow it to work well in a real life situation. The thing is, if it is ever made into a functional vehicle (which I’m hoping many of us are) will probably have some more real world use, and possibly even actual licensable use on city streets and highways.


Overall, the design is very accurate and interesting, and it’s certainly worth looking at developing for real world use.

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Via Jay Brett