Levitron Perpetuator: Levitating the Spinning Top Perpetually

A spinning top is a device that attracts people from all age groups. And as much as one likes one’s spinning top to keeping spinning continuously, it is difficult to attain this feat because the spinning top simply loses the spinning force at some point of time and ends up stopping.

This is why to put an end to the woes of fans of the popular spinning top, NerdSeven has designed a product known as the Levitron Perpetuator which provides its users with the USP of infinite spinning top rotations.

The Levitron Perpetuator works on electromagnetic waves, is compatible with any levitron base and in order to use the Levitron Perpetuator, one simply just needs to turn the switch of the Levitron ‘on’ and switch it ‘off’, when one needs to stop the spinning top. A levitron base is the base that is required to operate a levitron spinning top. Thus, with the enhanced benefit of a Levitron Perpetuator added to the levitron base, a user can get anything up to and over 2.5 million rotations of the spinning top in a day. This is the highest USP of the Levitron Perpetuator, as it manages to solve the rotational problems of a spinning top user and allows one to enjoy the never-ending levitron spinning top rotations. Also, in addition to being feasible due to electromagnetic waves, the Levitron Perpetuator is also compatible with an 110V wall plug. This compatibility can help the user switch operating channels as and when he wants, as per his convenience.

Priced at US $54.95, the Levitron Perpetuator is a handy device that would enable any user to captivate the attention of others when it comes to the continuity in a spinning top. Additionally since the dimensions of the device are not huge by any standards – 18.5 cm lengthwise x 13 cm breadth wise x 5 cm height wise – the device can be carried to any place where the user wants to. Compactness along with absolute utility is something that the Levitron Perpetuator provides to its users without any compromise.

Also, if a user has an older version of the levitron base and is concerned about its compatibility with the now-launched Levitron Perpetuator, then the user does not have to worry on that account. Levitron Perpetuator is compatible with any version of levitron base that has released in the market. This compatibility would mean that a user does not have to spend extra money on a new levitron base just to accommodate the Levitron Perpetuator.

Easy utility along with compatibility is what that makes the Levitron Perpetuator so worthwhile. It the product seeks to provide extreme satisfaction to the user and just like the name suggests ends up perpetuating the rotation of a spinning top and thereby increases the attraction and allure of a vintage spinning top effectively.

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