Kisai Light Speed Watch Tells Time in Sci-Fi Fashion

Despite the innumerable references to lightspeed in a number of Science Fiction books, movies, comics..and just about any other media you can think of, I’m always reminded of Space Balls.
The part where Rick Moranis is trying to catch up to Princess Vespa and yells “Light speed too slow!” What follows is the ship going so ridiculously fast that they overshoot their mark by quite a distance and Lord Helmet crashes into a control panel. Good times. This Kisai Light Speed watch design takes a bit of a more serious note, but still manages to pull off a great design.

The watch is lunar orange with a number of asteroid blue LEDS which are “encapsulated” within the streamlined case (available in black or white depednign on your preference) in order to make the light bars stand out. The watch is also finished with gloss and matte detail. Both styles are designed to fit most wrist sizes, but I’d be curious to see how well it would fit my meaty wrists. The watch should be easy enough to read, too. Hours are displayed on the left side. 1 o’clock is at the top on the way yo 60 o’clock at the bottom. Minutes follow a similar pattern on the right side. They progress in groups of 3, from 3 minutes at the top down to 27 minutes at the bottom, then returning to 57 minutes at the top. If you’re confused, here’s a helpful diagram!

The LightSpeed Watch runs for only $82, but if you’re looking for other Tokyoflash watches, there’s plenty to be had. If you like the flash that the lightspeed watch brings to the table, you’d probably like this LED Nightlife watch. Alternatively if you want something a little more mechanical, there’s the Tokyoflash Piston Heads Design.