Wrap-a-Nap Pillow, Blindfold and Earmuffs [Hands on Review]

If you are a frequent traveler and like to catch good naps on your flight, then you are probably familiar with the blow up neck pillows and other solutions, but the Wrap-and-Nap provides a whole different comfort.  

wrap and nap pillow

The Wrap-and-Nap is a soft Pillow, Blindfold and Earmuffs in one. It is a really simple but practical item to have with you on your next flight, at home or in the park. Basically, it is a soft, plush tube that is made perfectly to wrap around your head for your personal comfort (position, tightness, etc), which grants you the ability to simply have a portable pillow with great feel.

wrap and nap pillow product

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on a few a were really happy with the practical Wrap-and-Nap. Of course, there is no training needed to use the comfortable pillows, and anyone can immediately try them out and understand what the fuss is all about. Since it can be adjusted to wrap around you head any way you want with the Velcro, it makes sense to use for a quick nap, some warmth or both. We ended up trying both 🙂

wrap and nap pillow design

When sitting in front of the monitor, we wanted to see how comforting the Wrap-and-Nap was, so we wrapped it around our head, and when break time arrived, we simply laid our head back to relax. The WaN was perfect; it wasn’t too tight, provided just enough support to the back of our head, and even gave us the chance to pull it over our eyes to act as a comforting blindfold.

relaxing pillow wrap and nap pillow product

Since it is plush, soft and wraps ‘around’ your head, it also acts as warm earmuffs, which gave a great solution when outdoor during this cold winter. It doesn’t mean that it is waterproof or prefrable over an actual Beannie, but for relaxing outside in the yard, the support, warmth and comfort…hit the spot 🙂

cool pillows to relax wan

The Wrap-and-Nap come in various colors and run for only $14.99 each. They are a great Christmas gift that comes at a perfect time to relax during these hectic Holidays.

wrap and nap pillow product design

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relaxing pillow wrap and nap pillow design