Rock On! The Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt

So what if you can’t play a musical instrument. So what if you’re more of an air instrument player. If you happen to be a huge fan of any of the major rock bands in the present day but you’re more of an air instrument player, then this Electronic Music Synthesizer T-Shirt bore its existence just for you.Electronic Music Synthesizer T-Shirt 1

This is a real playable electronic music synthesizer right on your T-Shirt with up to five different professional quality sampled instruments! What’s more? It allows 8 different keys to be played at once.

So if you’re lying on the couch, bored and frustrated that your musical career is inching at snails’ pace, this is what you need for a quick push right ahead of all your buddies. This Synthesizer will blast your great music from the wearable retro-styled amp and give people something worth listening to!

Electronic Music Synthesizer T-Shirt 2

Don’t be shocked if an agent signs you up while you’re playing some cool solos right at the comic book store or bus stand and better get used to the tons of photographers that’ll keep clicking your every move. You’re a rock star now, get used to the life!

Electronic Music Synthesizer T-Shirt 3

What would be even cooler would be if your two band mates got the electric guitar shirt and drum kit shirt. There’d be no force strong enough to stop your band which could perhaps be christened ‘The Electronic T-Shirts.’ Now that’s geekiness at the highest level!

Electronic Music Synthesizer T-Shirt 4

This amazing creation is up for $29.99. Rock On!

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Electronic Synthesizer T-Shirt: $29.99

Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt: $29.99

Electronic Drum Kit Shirt: $29.99