Iron Man 2: Dress Like Tony Stark with this Iron Man Jacket

When Iron Man 2 released in theatres, all of the Iron Man fans could not wait to see what the movie had in store for them. All the people who saw the movie were taken aback by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.’s) performance once again. The Iron Man movies have displayed the latest of the technologies, great cars and amazing locales.

Iron Man 2 had Tony Stark participate in a car race, which was crucial to the movie’s storyline. All the Robert Downey Jr. fans were not surprised to see him at his stylish best even when at the car race. Here is a replica of one of the jackets he wore during the car race when shooting for the movie, Iron Man 2.

This racing jacket is just as stylish and sexy as Robert Downey Jr.’s personality and character in the movie is. Apart from being a replica of what Robert Downey Jr. wore in the movie what makes this jacket appealing is that this racing jacket is made of authentic ballistic- grade Cordura- nylon material and is made of leather. This jacket is perfect if you like to participate in car or bike races, so it will keep you warm and protected from the wind when zooming into speed, so as to get to your destination first and making a sexy and stylish statement at the same time.

This racing jacket is available for a price of $324.99, comes in black and blue colors, with the number 11 printed on the left arm and Stark written across the chest in capital letters, to give you the same feeling that Tony Stark has when he becomes Iron Man.

This is a great jacket not only for the Iron Man fans, but also for people who like jackets in general, as it looks great and is available in a bright blue color, which will set you apart from the crowd wherever you go.

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