31 Geeky Slippers Perfect for Stocking Stuffers

As a geek, you probably never spend more than 10 minutes to think about what you are wearing, especially something as trivial as slippers.

These slippers we are about to introduce will change your mind. They have been geekinized to look so cool that you can’t help but wishing for one as a stocking stuffer this Christmas. From USB slippers to Star Wars slippers, check through the list below to pick your style and feel geeky from tip to toe.

USB Heated Shoes

If cold winter night has always been a great excuse for you to not come to the working table, the USB heated shoes are for you. Put these cozy shoes on and plug it in to your USB port for the warmth from the foot warmer. You can use it anywhere as long as you have your laptop, your PSP or any device that houses a USB port with you. There are many different designs and colors that you can choose from to best suit your needs.

If you want something funky and cute, you might want to put your feet into this Giant USB Paw Foot Warmer.

Equally cute, this cow USB heated slippers give your feet the freedom to separate from each other.

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In the meanwhile, this Hello Kitty Foot Warm will make a great gift for your girlfriend, or for yourself if you happen to be a girl.

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And if you want to enjoy a greater mobility, take a look at these battery powered USB heating shoes. You can connect it directly to your laptop for power or you can charge the battery and walk freely anywhere you want. You can pick the blue colored ones in case baby pink is too girly for you.

BrightFeet Slippers

You wake up in the middle of night trying to find a way downstairs but there is a power cut, or you don’t want to wake the whole family up by switching the light on, or you are simply too lazy to do it. Whatever the case is, these BrightFeet slippers are your life saver.

Mop Slippers

The boring mopping job is more interesting than ever with these funky mop slippers. Simple yet ultra-practical, they are made of good cotton absorbent materials and are priced at only $10. They come in one size fitting all.

Mat Walk Slippers

Even though the design might make you hesitate if you are thinking of something that allows you freely dance, jump around the house, the Mat Walk slippers are perfect for keeping your feet clean and warm after a luxurious bath. They can also wipe out all the water drops landing on the floor from your wet hair.

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Reflexology Massage Slippers

Inspired by the sophisticated Chinese acupuncture philosophy, these reflexology message slippers’ spa design will not only relax your body but also help you learn the hot spots on your body, as long as you can stop yourself from laughing over their names, like “Anus” or “Genital Glands”.

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Topless Sandals

Topless sandals are basically topless slippers that provide you the fun of walking barefoot and protecting your feet at the same time.The sandals are stick to your feet by a special glue that leave no residue on your feet when you take them off. The stick is guaranteed is 1 year.

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Uncovered Summer Slippers

These uncover slippers will not only keep your feet sweat-free in the summer but also guarantee a lot of curious look from fellow pedestrians with its unconventional design. The rounded slot that fits snugly into your toe cleavage is the only connection that stops you and your beach footwear from flying off your feet.

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SPA Slippers

Visiting spa is never that pleasant when the spa takes good care of even your foot ware. The Imperial SPA Hotel in Karlovy Vary had designer Ond?ej Václavík come up with a creative slippers design whose awesome colors and shape mask the ergonomic dynamics of slippers on wet floor. Various ridges, holes and unique cuts are designed for a therapeutic purpose of massaging your feet while you walk with them.

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Grass Slippers

Running barefoot through a field of morning fresh grass is always a great fun even to grown-ups. Now you can enjoy that pleasant experience anywhere with these flip flops as they have real grass growing in the soles! They can last up to four months with proper care. It’s a promotion from Krispy Kreme donuts.

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Water Slippers

The fun of water fight has been taken to a whole new level with these rubber ducky slippers. Dubbed as Vak-vak, the slippers can suck in water with a single squish of your heel, and jettison water in a stream with another squish. Needless to say how much the kids will love these.

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Duck Slippers

Put on these super uber cute duck slippers once again live your childhood Donald Duck dream. The link below gives complete instruction to make one on your own.

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Follow Me Beach Slippers

Be the coolest person on the beach this summer with this creative slippers design. A raised bottom that says “Who loves me follow me” will imprint the words onto the sand when you walk. To avoid creepy people follow you home, you might want to get your Twitter username imprinted as well.

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Smelly Slippers

Despite their nasty appearance, we have to admit that these bizarre slippers designs look pretty neat. Designed for a Fungus Cream Ad, they are very likely to make you frown to recall when was the last time you noticed a strange smell from you feet.

Circuit Board Slippers

Katie Kent’s husband is no doubt the luckiest geek in the world when she made him a pair of felted clogs that look like circuit boards.

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Star Wars Slippers

And as in any line of products for geeks, Star Wars can never be missed out. With slippers, Star Wars has inspired not only one but three designs at least: Chewbacca slippers, Yoda slippers and Darth Vader slippers. The Star Wars Chewbacca slippers are sweetly soft as they are made from material that looks like fur while the Yoda slippers signifies calmness and the Darth Vader slippers are perfect when you are in bad mood or want to intimidate someone. Each pair of them is available at $29.99

Gundam Slippers

Not only its appearance resembles Gundam, these squashy slippers are designed to make every step sound like the crash of earth shredding under the stomping of Gundam robots.

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Mario & Luigi Slippers

These geeky Super Mario Brothers slippers are shaped like the heads of Luigi and Mario. They are soft, fluffy and flexible enough to fit US sizes 4 to 7.5.

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Mario Mushroom Slippers

Also inspired by the legendary video game, the Mario Mushroom slippers are second to none in term of cuteness. The innocent face of the mushroom is very likely to make you smile whenever you put your slippers on.

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Homer Slippers

Include a pair of these outstanding Homer slippers in your whimsical costume at the next party and you will become the hit for sure. The idea of getting the signature ridiculous face of Homer Simpson under your feet alone can make you giggle for days.

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Kenny McCormick Slippers

Fans of South Park will find themselves easily over-excited when they see these ultra cute Kenny McCormick slippers. It so well-done that it seems like somebody killed Kenny and made slippers out of him.

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Monty Python Killer Rabbit

The Monty Python Killer rabbit looks pretty adorable when it comes down to your feet in the form of a pair of slippers. It must be a dream for major fans to have the blood-thirsty obediently warm their feet everyday.

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Dead Baby Slippers

If you are a sadist who psychotically enjoys the dead baby jokes, you will have the most wicked pleasure when you wear these slippers. Else, you will find the crying and moaning noise every time you step ahead morbid enough to even think of it.

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Joy Slippers

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBtAZaWhWEs

As the name suggests, the joy slippers will give you a lot of fun as they allow you to draw with your feet. 4 analog pressure sensors embedded inside the slippers can be used to feed Up, Down, Left and Right values into your computer replacing your mouse or joystick. It’s a DIY project which means if you are geeky enough, you can even make one yourself.

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