Freddy Kreuger Doll Will Slice Through Holiday Sadness

If there are two movies that I feel are absolutely appropriate for this time of year, they would be Nightmare on Elm Street and Nightmare Before Christmas.  This Living Dead Doll brings back all the original holiday fear of Kreuger’s 1984 debut.  Okay — so the original Nightmare on Elm Street doesn’t take place around the holidays, but you get my point.

I have to admit I have a severe fondness of the old wrinkled one.  There’s nothing like a movie that is almost as old as you are and still scares the beegesus out of you.  Besides, wasn’t Johnny Depp in the original?  Albeit only for a few seconds.  No matter what horror genre you’re a fan of, you have to admit that Nightmare on Elm Street is (and will remain) one part of the classic horror movie cannon.  That’s just a fact.

Living Dead Dolls are some of the coolest stocking stuffers I can think of.  This doll/homage to the original Nightmare on Elm Street is a little bit Chucky and a little bit Family Guy, but all in all awesome.   Offered through the Things From Another World Website (, this doll is currently in stock and can be shipped to your door just in time to be the perfect surprise for your resident horror movie fanatic.

This collectible piece comes with a removable hat and removable glove — and, naturally, Kreuger’s infamous red and black striped sweater.  The packaging features a “fifth panel window box.”  Freddy stands an imposing twelve inches toll and weighs nearly a pound.   The manufacturer, Mezco, claims that these dolls are suitable for children ages five years and older, but I somehow doubt that I would allow my five year old to play with this wickedly cool toy.  Other products from Mezco — featured in the Living Dead Doll line, have included characters from Alice in Wonderland, Saw and Beetlejuice.

If you’re interested in Living Dead Dolls you might also be interested in the Horror Classics Plush Dolls that we reviewed a while back, or this (not so cuddly) all metal Freddy Kreuger Glove. Check out what they’ve got over there at, if you’re not interested in the Kreuger doll — did I mention it’s only $26.99? — you might be interested in some of the other collectibles that they offer.