Walyou Random Roundup [December 18, 2010]

Walyou Random Roundup for December 18, 2010 includes Chucky Bieber, Google, Rappers, iPad, Will Ferrel, Alice in Wonderland, Uncharted 3, Santa Claus and more. We hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the great random roundup!

chucky bieber

1. Bike Stunt Fail (I Am Bored)

2. The Will Ferrell Pyramid of Douchiness (Maxim)

3. Magnificent Motorcycles, Part 2  (Dark Roasted Blend)

4. Chucky Bieber (GadgetHim)

5. The 6 Lamest Reasons Rappers Have Been Arrested (MTV)

6. Top 10: Agents Of Truth  (Ask Men)

7. 7 Hollywood Ripoffs With Titles (and Posters, and Plots) You Won’t Believe (Mental Floss)

8. Alice in Wonderland Cake: A Work Of Art (GadgetHer)

9. Create a Custom Comic Starring You (and/or Your Loved Ones) (Comics Alliance)

10. John Cena – The Ultimate Fake Tribute Video (URLesque)

11. iPad Multi-User Concept (Geeky Gadgets)

12. Release Date for Uncharted 3, Plus Gameplay Video (PS3Maven)

13. Santa is a Surprisingly Good Dancer (Asylum)

14. Google’s Move Towards Location-based Services (Geek With Laptop)

15. WikiReader Has Full Access to 33,000 Gutenberg E-Books (Coated)

16. DSi Media Station — A Great Way To Recharge, Store, And Organize Your Nintendo DSi (WiiNoob)

17. This Manuscript Is Illegible!: Typewriter Art (Geekologie)

18. QR Codes As Art (Neatorama)

19. High-tech Kitara guitar with an 8-inch touchscreen (TechChee)

20. Stealth Camo Created With Kinect Hack, Sort of (XboxFreedom)