The Ergonomic GymGym Desk Chair

The family of ergonomic furniture gets a new member with the addition of the GymGym chair. With deteriorating lifestyle and increasing diseases health needs are gaining popularity.

Be it food or furniture, marketers are positioning their goods in the ‘healthy lifestyle’ category to attract buyers. The need has been increasingly felt in the office furniture segment. Adam Ben-David realized the fact that the inactive lifestyle of office executives is adding on to their risks of developing life threatening diseases and hence came up with the concept of the GymGym chair – a chair that promises to give the much needed workout to every executive.

Ben-David claims GymGym to be the world’s first ergonomic chair that has been designed to help ward off inactivity due to modern lifestyle ill effects. With his multi-patented design he aims at providing a better life to all office executives. The innovative design of this chair is a culmination of two patented technologies.

On one hand there is the seating structure, with a head rest, which has contour forming features. This helps the chair adjust to the body of the user allowing maximum seating comfort. At the same time it proves to be body strengthening and conditioning.

With comfort the GymGym also brings to you four exercise stations rolled into one. So if you need to take a break from work or relax your muscles a bit you need not leave your seat. All you have to do is pull out different workout attachments in the chair and exercise your body. Within minutes you will be refreshed and ready to bounce back into action. The four different exercise stations installed in this wonder chair guarantee to tone every body part, and that will be done while you are still in your office at your workstation.

But how refreshing is an exercise session that is done at the workstation? This can be a valid argument. After all surrounding too makes a huge impact. A workout done within pleasant surrounding in a light atmosphere is bound to give greater benefits. So instead of sitting on a chair all day and exercising on that would it not be better to walk over to a nearby gym or go for a walk?

Very true, and a very convincing point! But how many of us get the time to break away from office work and go for a workout. Let alone workout, even a short walk is not possible. Under such conditions would it not be great to have something as a GymGym that provides all the benefits of a workout at your workstation?

Let’s face it. Many of us never manage to squeeze in the time for exercises and this is when GymGym, the ergonomic chair, proves to be a very good friend. Befriend it and bid goodbye to diseases.

With this at least I can free myself from the guilt of escaping exercise sessions. Why don’t you also see if designs like Brobdingnagian Sports Chair, Unconventional Twist Chair and Computer Keyboard Chair appeal to you?

Via: Born Rich