Reach New Levels of Cool: Custom Halo Reach Controller

The standard Xbox 360 controller gets a really wicked paintjob, inspired by the Noble Team in Halo Reach.


Now, this might look like a decal, but it’s actually a handpainted design on an ice white Xbox 360 controller. One particularly nice touch is that the joysticks and D-pad have been replaced with military green ones – either that, or they’re painted, which might not be a desirable thing, as the joysticks get far more wear than the rest of the controller.

The artist, who goes by the name Ricepuppet, claims that there was no warranty voiding in the making of this piece of art. It must be some sort of trade secret, as I can’t imagine how he managed to replace the joysticks without prying the thing apart, unless they are actually painted.

The art itself is has a cool sketchy style; it looks like it was done in copic markers, or a similar medium. I like how it looks both futuristic, yet also like an old-fashioned mosaic. The vibrant colours in the paint actually go really well with the primary colours on the buttons, especially the inky indigo colour on the back.

The design is pretty busy, but still obviously Halo-inspired. As Halo is one of the best-known franchises for the system, it’s understandable that droves of fans would want to have controllers that match the game. It practically invites you to play a few rounds of deathmatch with your friends.

Of course, you need to be careful with any hand-painted controller; if you toss it around or game a bit too hard, the paintjob will start to chip off. If I got a cool controller like this one, I’d be so afraid to even use it for gaming, lest the paint wear off! I suppose that by the time it wears off, you’ll be ready for a new one anyway.

A similar and equally awesome work of Ricepuppet’s is Xbox 360 console painted with images from Halo, complete with an illustration of Master Chief. Another cool take on Master Chief is this Munny doll painted in the likeness of the super soldier.