Quit the Cancer Sticks With an Urn for Your Ashes

This interesting ashtray does not condone smoking; in fact, it does the opposite, as it’s shaped like an urn! Urn Ashtray 3 The ceramic urn ashtray has two obvious uses. The first is for people who are trying to quit smoking but having a hard time doing it – which is quite a large number of smokers, when you think about it. Even if you’re not really bent on quitting, this is a wonderfully subtle reminder of how much smoking shortens your life expectancy, and in turn, might curtail your desire to use it. Even if that doesn’t end up working out, at least you have an interesting looking ashtray as a conversation piece. Urn Ashtray 1 The second obvious use is for if you don’t smoke but have a lot of friends who do. Instead of being that nagging and annoying person who cites second-hand-smoke cancer statistics in a nasal voice every time someone lights up, you can now provide your guests with an ashtray that might make them hesitant to smoke at all. Of course, some may just want to use it as a decoration instead of as a stop-smoking aid. After all, it’s fitting that ashes should go inside an urn, and cigarette ashes fit perfectly in an ashtray shaped like an urn. And sometimes you just want to laugh in the face of death – or give a rattling cough in its general direction. Urn Ashtray 2 The top of the ashtray appears to actually come off, so you can stuff all your smoking paraphernalia in there – cigarette pack, lighter, matches, and whatever else you need. I guess you should also consider dropping in a pack of mint gum, because your breath will probably smell bad after smoking. Common courtesy, really. It runs for only £12.00. If you need a bit more help with quitting, this curious glow globe will also help you kick the habit of smoking by letting you know how much air pollution you’re creating and how much damage your body is taking. If you have no interest in giving up the habit, on the other hand, check out this super cool robot-gorilla ashtray. Still fill the need to light up? Try out one of these cool and geeky lighters.