Dexter’s Kill Shirts Just Might Creep Out Your Enemies

Dexter is the biggest highlighter of serial killings. The whole series has gained amazing popularity, for though he may take to bloody murders, he ensures he only kills the guilty! But what highlights his unique identity is the costume he wears when he’s “in action”.

Dexter’s kill shirts are exactly similar to the one you can see Dexter wearing on screen, revealing the blood thirst killer look. So if you’re a Dexter fan, I am sure you’ll be always looking out for some action round the corner, so why not be prepared in full form for that one!

The most amazing part you’d notice about this shirt is the resemblance it takes of the on-screen shirt, with 4 buttons in the front, and is made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester blend. Available in four sizes, varying from small to extra large the army green thermal Henley is available for just $24.99.

The only negative aspect the creator states is that it might shrink a little if dried with a dryer, so the best way might just be to hang it out for drying after washing it in cold water. Well of course, if you’d wish to collect more collectibles of the criminal series star, then Dexter Bobble Head or the Dexter iPhone might just too succeed to live up to your expectations, though don’t panic if it creeps you out at night with its bloody theme!