Super Awesome Samurai Sword Toothpick Holder

Looking over this samurai sword toothpick holder set, I can almost immediately see the appeal. I mean who wouldn’t want to use one of the most badass weapons of all time to stab that piece of apple and doom it to its dip-covered fate? The tool is certainly unique and the concept is admittedly fun, just watch out for the price tag.

How much would you really expect to pay for the privelege of turning your toothpick into a samurai sword? Think about it for a moment and I can almost guarantee that it wouldn’t be $84. According to Japan Trend the toothpick holders are not just a novelty because they are an “impressively designed and sculpted household accessory tool” but the bottom line is it is still a toothpick holder, right? Still it appears to have solid construction at least. The swords are created out of cypress wood and rayon, and each scabbard holds up to three toothpicks, which are inserted into the handle so that you can easily hold and use them. They also come with 2 color optios, either white or black. I think the biggest insult of all is that for $84, they don’t even include the toothpicks! That’s bush league.

If you’re looking for other, more inexpensive ways to cover your kitchen with novelty, I can offer some suggestions. We have a list of 19 weird toothpick holders, for example. Alternatively if you want something a little more functional, how about this Tardis Tea Infuser. Not only does it look awesome, but it’s also constructed from brass and sterling silver. Sign me up for that one! I’d say that’ll draw almost as much attention as a samurai sword toothpick holder, depending on where your friends’ fan bases lie, that is.