Dragon Leather Handbag

Dragons are extinct, creepy and freaking huge animals, but they have yet left an intriguing mark in the history. This dragon based leather handbag is an amazing piece of art that will make you croon till you don’t get one yourself, while this bag actually makes the creature look cute!

Definitely, its not surprising to know that this master creation is of none other then the Ukraine based Bob Basset. Since there aren’t many details out on this handbag, I’m not sure of its value, but its sophisticated looks and vibrant designs, with rich leather based body definitely gives it an authentic look.

Well, you won’t find this in any shop, for it’s a piece of art from Bob’s workshop that also mastered like Evil Scientist Goggles or the Transforming Bag. The creepy creature pops out of the bag, with its claws placed perfectly on the rim of the bag of the upper flap.  Open the storage section of the handbag, and there is sufficient room to place your stuff in the handbag. Its an incredible concept, and how we’d wish these bags would be available in shops!

This unique piece of handbag also comes along with a long adjustable leather belt, and sure enough Bob is known as the master of all exotic creations, lets hope he creates some of his masterpieces in bulk for us to enjoy some of these artistic products, till then, you can check out some other cool handbag concepts, like Paper Lunch Bags or iSpy Nintendo Bag.

Via: Bob Basset