The Ultimate TRON Watch

Tron is back to enchant his fans all over again. It has hardly been ten days since the movie hit the theatres and its popularity can be seen taking shape in all walks of life. There are apparels, gloves, computer peripherals and many more goods inspired by the movie. Many more will soon be following.

One such Tron: Legacy inspired concept has been launched in the form of a Tron Watch. The Tron Watch has been designed by Bangalore based designer Abhinav Dapke. It’s got the colors of the movie and in the first glance it gives the effect of and electronic world. The first word that you will hear yourself saying would be ‘cool’. The watch can be said to be ‘cool’ in every sense. The concept is cool, the looks are cool and the colors used in it give the ultimate electronic effect.

Like any other new age watch design the aspect that has been given maximum attention to is the appearance of the product. It looks like a wrist band but of a very different kind. The time displayed on it is not of the conventional type which keeps you guessing about the identity of the product for some time. With a mere number displayed on the band would you be able to guess that it is a watch? Definitely not so in the first attempt.

Telling the time by this watch is quite different from the other contemporary designs. The hour is displayed by numbers on its face and the minutes are in the form of hexagonal shaped slots. Reading the hour is not a problem but when it comes to the minutes you may need to exercise your grey cells a bit. Each hexagonal shape represents five minutes. So if you have 06 displayed with three hexagonal slots glowing, the time would be 6 hours and 15 minutes. Morning or evening is not very clear but that should not be a big issue.

However, the question that arises here is how does this watch display minutes other that five or its multiples. For example, how will the time 6 hours and 12 minutes be displayed? Well, it is yet a concept and if taken up for production it would surely be looked into. What matters here is the marvelous looks it displays. If brought to reality it is sure to have many takers.

Tron Legacy followers will definitely find this to be a trendy concept! How would you rate Cloak Watch, MicroSD Card Reader Watch and Clip Button Watch?