Boba Fett Grafetti T-Shirt: The Paint Was Still Wet

Boba Fett needs to look good when he assassinates jedi masters, right?  The Boba Fett Grafetti T-Shirt shows you why you should always let the paint on your evil dry before, in the words of Split Reason, “launching head first into a sail barge, it may leave a nasty imprint of your defeat.”  

Whether that means you’re going to get paint all over a jedi’s sexy tunic or it implies that your helmet is going to need a serious buffing, wet paint on any evil helmet is a negative.  Unless, of course, you’re a t-shirt designer.  The Boba Fett Grafetti T-Shirt memorializes this moment of defeat with a Boba Fett helmet reminiscent of the melting of the Wicked Witch.  The only difference:  Boba Fett takes melting like a man and does so in a sober silence.  Like a boss; an example to all aspiring thugs, villains, and criminals.

boba fett grafetti t-shirt

I wasn’t going to address it, but… what’s with the spelling of graffiti?  “Grafetti?”  Is that a miscreant’s version of confetti, or just a manifestation of this thing called “artistic leeway?”  Probably the latter, but we definitely need to come up with some exploding confetti, considering the fact that we already have an exploding Xbox 360.

As you can *awkward cough*  tell from the picture, this is a shirt available to women.  Fortunately for us geeks of the male variety, the Boba Fett Grafetti T-Shirt is also available in a more masculine manifestation.

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